Apple Iphone Deals Vs Apple Iphone 4g Deals : It Is Getting Better And Better

Apple has always been accused of pricing its iPhones so high that it is beyond the reach of many of its potential users. Some industry observers also point out that despite the steep prices, Apple has not always delivered and it is more because of marketing hype that much of its iPhones and iPads get sold.

But all the same it has to be said to the credit of Apple and the network carriers here that the Apple iPhones are as reasonably priced as is possible at the given point of time.

The authorities at Apple also point out to the fact that besides the obvious freight charges that add up to the costs, the policies in place in UK also contribute to the hike in prices. Thus, the Apple iPhone 3G S that was costing approximately $ 499 in the USA some months back, came to users in the UK for around the same amount but in pound sterling.

All the same, prices are expected to fall with the new Apple iPhone 4G. This is because of the increased sales, competition in the form of the new Blackberry smart phones and Nokia C6, etc that are selling for free under carrier deals. The Apple iPhone 4G also supports tethering. Tethering means pricing for daily, weekly and monthly use is very much possible. This, in turn, implies lower prices.

Thus for prices as low as £ 17 or £ 20 and slightly more you can have use of the Apple iPhone 4G 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB on monthly pay plans.

Already, Apple, and the network carriers – Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, Talk Mobile, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone all have announced that they will be not only sellling the new Apple iPhone 4G but soon coming out with some well thought out Apple iPhone 4G deals as well.

Apple Iphone 4g Deals Superlative Offers For The Ultimate Phone Device

The beginning of June, 2010 saw Apple fans in UK delighted with the news of the cutting edge technology Apple iPhone 4G deals finally getting launched here amid much enthusiasm.

While it is true that the new Apple iPhone 4G will not be carrying any revolutionary changes it is also certain that some crucial enhancements also has been made.

Now it is the turn of the network carriers to do their bit and come out with some nice, juicy Apple iPhone 4G deals for you, the valued customer.

And they have indeed began to do so.

The network carriers – Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Talk Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone – all have shown initial interest in lending their support to this futuristic mobile phone device. Let us now see what exactly is in store for us.

The fact that this particular iPhone is on 4G means tethering is possible. Tethering means deals for daily, weekly, monthly usage of the Apple iPhone 4G. The Apple iPhone 4G deals will therefore be quite reasonable and would be based on whether you are talking about a 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB Apple iPhone 4G.

The popular of all the deals of course are the contract deals. Imagine getting to pay only amounts ranging from £ 40 to £ 150 per month for a period ranging from one year to no more than 24 months.

In return you not only receive the fancied device all for yourselves but also some calling time, internet usage and texts free. There are some such deals expected that will bring you a free gift in the form of a LCD television set, or a digital camera.

The Pay G deals and SIM free deals are also expected to be introduced soon.


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This system of using the network services is quite an useful one. ‘Free will’ is given its reality in the process of accessing the network features of the ‘sim-free’ mobile phones. It depends on the user, about the choice of the network and the handset does not give any hassles due to being ‘Sim-free’.

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There are many good handsets being offered as sim free mobile phones. The Sony Ericsson S500i Black is quite a nice example. It has many features in it which makes it a fantastic mobile device. The user is able to use an excellent browser for visiting web-pages. He is also able to take nice pictures using the 2 MP camera. There is also the feature of 4x digital zoom which increases the quality of pictures taken from a very close range.

Sim free mobile phones are manufactured by all those companies who are involved in this business of making mobile phones and then selling them. They are, therefore, made by companies like Song Ericsson, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, Motorola, Apple and Nokia.

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